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Doorframe Sanding Machine

Industrial Sanding Machine / Door Sanding Machine / Sanding Machine

Machine Picture: (machines are made according to specific customer requirements)
Machine Device Arrangement:
  • Huge sanding rack

The doorframe sanding machine is used to sand white bodied doorframes, wooden veneers, or lacquer on doorframes.

The doorframe sanding machine can fix the working width and thickness automatically according to different workpiece sizes. Adjustment is easy to do, making single door frame processing easy as well.
The sanding machine's feeding speed is also adjustable. At a maximum speed of 25m/minute, the doorframe processing machine features a high production efficiency.
The sanding head and triangle sander use frequency control, making it suitable for sanding various workpieces with different processing requirements.
This sanding machine is also equipped with an auto compensation device. Setting the compensation value is based on the sanding wheel consumption and workpiece sanding length, in order to achieve precision compensation and reduce required manual labor.
The pressure clamp is a multi-section and multi-angle clamp, ensuring the workpiece feeding is smooth and stable.
Compared to traditional, manual sanding, machine adjustment is simple, with a high production efficiency and outstanding sanding performance. This saves human labor and reduces production costs.

Main Parameters:
Working width 90-400mm
Min working length 800mm
Max working thickness 10-100mm
Feeding speed 5-25m/min
Doorframe Classification and Processing Step:
  • Type A doorframe
  • Type A doorframe
  • Type B doorframe
  • Type B doorframe

Customers need to provide:
1. Information about the workpiece: product images, dimensions (minimum and maximum length, width and height), materials (MDF, wood or other material), and samples.
2. Parts to be sanded: sand only the white body, or sand the white body and paint.
3. Any other specific requirements you may have

After receiving the above information, we will choose the right doorframe sanding machine to meet your needs.