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Doorframe Milling Machine

Doorframe Processing Machine / Door Milling Machine / Automatic Doorframe Milling Machine

Machine Model: PT-MTS-6 (machines are made according to specific customer requirements)

The doorframe milling machine is suitable for milling doorframes of various types. The feeding speed can be adjusted, with a maximum of 15 meters/minute, giving the doorframe processing machine a high production efficiency. Machine adjustment is simple, including an automatic adjustment of the working width. When compared to traditional milling processes, the doorframe milling machine features fewer steps, and a higher production efficiency, reducing both manual labor and reducing production costs.

Device Arrangement:
Main Parameters:
Working width 90-400mm
Min working length 800mm
Max working thickness 10-100mm
Feeding speed 5-15m/min

Customers need to provide:
1. Information about the workpiece: Product images, dimensions (minimum and maximum length, width and height), materials (MDF, wood, or other materials), and a sample.
2. Specific requirements for customized machinery

After receiving the aforementioned information, we will choose the right doorframe milling machine to meet your needs.