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Wooden Door Processing Machine

A: Door casing sanding
Sanding 3 faces of door casing.

B: Doorframe sanding
Sanding 5 faces of doorframe.

C: Doorframe milling
Milling tongue and groove of doorframe, slot, strip groove.

D: Door leaf/slab edge roll coating and sanding
Edge roll coating and sanding for door leaf and slab.
Wooden door machines

    1. Linear Profile Sander The feeding speed of the linear profile sander can be adjusted. The maximum speed is 42m/minute, giving the sanding machine a high production efficiency.
    1. Doorframe Sanding Machine The doorframe sanding machine can fix the working width and thickness automatically according to different workpiece sizes. Adjustment is easy to do, making single door frame processing easy as well.
    1. Doorframe Milling Machine The feeding speed can be adjusted, with a maximum of 15 meters/minute, giving the doorframe processing machine a high production efficiency.
    1. Edge Roll Coating Machine The sanding belt's speed and coating use a frequency control in order to meet different edge sanding and coating requirements for various material.
    1. Door Leaf/Slab Edge Sanding Machine The triangle sander features an oscillation device to ensure the workpiece surface is smooth and uniform. The sanding head is flexible and can be equipped with an optional oscillation device.