Molding Sanding Machine

Molding Sanding Linear Profile Machine / Linear Profile Sanding Machine / Decorative Molding Sanding Machine

Machine Picture: (machines are made according to specific customer requirements)
  • Touch screen
  • Adjustable angle of dual-purpose sanding head
  • Bottom sander of triangle sanding rack
  • Triangle sanding rack
  • Triangle sanding rack
  • Machine picture

The linear profile sander is used to sand MDF, wood veneer, lacquer and other wood materials on a molding line, decoration line or other areas for decorative sanding.

1. The feeding speed can be adjusted. The maximum speed is 42meters/minute, ensuring a high production efficiency.
2. The sanding head utilizes frequency control in order to meet different sanding requirements.
3. The linear profile sanding machine for mold sanding tasks is equipped with an automatic compensation device. The compensation value is based on the sanding wheel consumption and the workpiece’s real sanding length, achieving a precision compensation.
4. The top pressure is a multi-section and multi-angle pressure, which ensures the workpiece feeding is smooth and stable.
5. The side pressure is a wheeled pressure, which prevents workpiece shaking and banding when processing.
6. Adjustment of the decorative molding sanding machine is easy and simple, with a high production efficiency and excellent sanding performance.
7. Human labor and production costs are reduced.

Machine Model: MXS-S2W5
Main Parameters:
Working width 10-220mm
Min. working length 600mm
Working thickness 3-100mm
Feeding speed 3-40m/min
Sanding belt size 750mm x 90mm
2000mm x 90mm
Tilting angle of sanding head +/-90°
Sanding head motor power 1.5kw
Triangle sander motor power 2.2kw
Workpiece Shape Coding:

Customers need to provide:
1. Information about the workpiece: product images, dimensions (maximum and minimum length, width, and height), materials (MDF, wood, or other materials) and samples.
2. Parts to sand: Sanding only the white body, or both the white body and paint
3. Any other specific requirements you may have

After we have received the aforementioned information, we will choose the right linear profile sander for molding purposes.