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When it comes to wooden doors, window frames, and other wood furniture, carpenters need sanding equipment that they can rely on to provide a smooth, silky surface, every time. Woodworkers from all over the world have turned to Foshan Pater Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for our extensive range of wood processing and sanding machinery. Located in the Shunde District (also known as the Furniture District), we are an automated sanding equipment manufacturer that combines R&D, production and sales into a one stop shop for all your sanding equipment needs. In a 7,000 square meter factory housing 40 people, we have developed and produced a wide array of sanding machines, each of which has earned national invention patents and become popular on the market both at home and abroad.

Established in 2007, we are coming up on 10 years of production experience and expertise for sanding machines, including the development of the MXS series linear profile sanding machine, MS series linear profile edge sanding machine, MTS doorframe sanding machine and a linear automatic production line. Our facilities have integrated the most professional and scientific technology from Italy and Germany into a streamlined production process that reduces waste and manual labor. This streamlined production has allowed us to make the sanding efficiency of each wood sanding machine 5 times better. Our R&D department is continuously improving and creating new, innovative products, and customization is available to all of our customers, based on their specific requirements to ensure we have the right product to meet their needs.

Customized solutions are available based on real production needs of our customers, including sanding of the white body, putty, lacquer on solid wood, artificial boards, veneer, wood plastic and other wood type materials. We also produce machinery for linear profiling and edge sanding needs on door slabs, cupboards, doorframes, door leaf, and furniture boards, guaranteeing we can continue to serve our diverse customer base. Come visit us today, and experience the benefits our wood sanding machines can bring to your production base!